The International Vasa Previa Foundation is incorporated in the State of Illinois as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity in the USA.

All monies received by the IVPF are used towards furthering the aims of the organization – raising awareness and providing support and information to those affected by vasa previa as well as the medical and general community. The IVPF also funds and participates in research activities about vasa previa. All Officers and Directors of the IVPF are unpaid volunteers and wherever possible good and services required by the IVPF to undertake its business are obtained as ‘pro bono’, donated or in-kind to reduce the expenditure of the Foundation. We endeavour to put a maximum amount of our donated funds directly towards our stated aims and activities and only a small fraction towards administrative costs to run the organization.

IVPF donations may be used as birthday or holiday gifts, memorial gifts for funerals or anniversaries of loved ones.

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