Personal Stories

Hunter Timothy | Christie

Christie was induced because of toxemia. She lost a lot of blood when her water broke. An emergency C-section was performed and Hunter came out not breathing and with the color of cigarette ashes. Hunter fought for his life and had a massive seizure. Still he managed to live and slowly his organs began to work. After 18 days in NICU Christie was able to take her miracle son Hunter home.  He is developing very normal ever since.

Jake Charles | Deb

Jake Charles was conceived by in vitro fertilization, after three long years of struggling with infertility. He was a miracle from the start. During Deb's 22-week routine ob/gyn visit, her doctor identified the vasa previa and explained very clearly what the condition was and what the risks were. Jake was born at 29 weeks by C-section. Chief of Neonatology told Deb that he'd never seen a baby born at 29 weeks breeze through a neonatal stay like Jake.

Jakob and Mia | Heather 

Heather is an OB/GYN who, after struggling with infertility and miscarriages, finally conceived Jakob and Mia via in vitro fertilization.  She had a lot of complications but finally at a little over 31 weeks delivered her twins by C-section.  Pictures of the placenta and ultrasound of the vasa previa are included with her story.

Molly Rose | Kate and Steve

Kate was nine days overdue when she had some "bloody show". She was in pre-labor for two and a half days until she finally progressed to 9 cms. It was during an internal exam that the midwife "had felt something she had never felt before". Molly rose was born via emergency cesarean section with low Apgar scores and after a short stay in NICU recovered fairly quickly and is now doing well.

Jesse | Eric and Sara

Sara shares a wonderful story of prenatal diagnosis and good management by a wonderful team of health care professionals. Thanks to everyone's efforts and vigilance Jesse was safely born.

Maxwell David | Nicole

On September 4, 2005 Nicole and her husband  were heartbroken by the loss of their baby, Max. He was born early and had vasa previa which was never looked for despite bleeding throughout her pregnancy. Max was with them for three wonderful hours before he passed on.

Preston Reid | Sarah

Sarah had an uneventful pregnancy until one evening during her 39th week she started bleeding. Her care provider told her it was normal and had her go back to sleep until her water broke early that morning. She continued to bleed heavily throughout the next 7 hours until Preston Reid was born via c-section. Despite being pale at birth the delivering doctor released him and it is only because of a diligent nurse that he ended up in NICU and got the very needed transfusion.

Koby David | Kristy Anderson

Kristy was in the hospital with preterm labor when her vasa previa ruptured.  Luckily she had been prenatally diagnosed with vasa previa and her doctor's quick action saved Koby's life.

Zoë | Tanja Apeldoorn

Tanja lost her mucus plug on her due date. After four days of heavy and exhausting contractions, and heavy blood loss on the fourth day, the doctors decided to do something. Her water bag was artificially broken and labour was being induced. In the meantime, Tanja lost one and a half liter of blood. Zoë came into the world healthy. The placenta appeared to be very special: A cobweb of veins which were crossing her membranes: velamentous cord insertion. The fact that Zoë survived may be called a miracle.

Bailey | Lesley & Darren Appleyard

Lesley had an uneventful first pregnancy with low lying placenta diagnosed at her 19th week. One day after her due date she was "stretched and sweeped" by her midwife. The next morning the pop she felt was heavy bleeding. She went straight to the hospital where they performed an emergency C-section. Bailey was born with a very low heartbeat. He needed a blood transfusion and remained in SCBU for 12 days. He fought hard but he made it and is now thriving, a gorgeous, happy, smiling miracle baby.

Tyler John | Brett and Julie and Austin

Julie was two weeks overdue after a completely uneventful pregnancy and in the process of being induced when her membranes ruptured, rupturing Tyler's vasa previa.  Twenty-five minutes later, intense resuscitation efforts brought him back.  He spent two weeks in the NICU before coming home with his very thankful and very lucky parents.

Madison Sue | Elsbeth Baker

Elsbeth was in the hospital when her membranes were artificially broken which caused one of her baby's vessel to rupture. Within 12 minutes afterwards Madison Sue was born by emergency C-section. After 17 minutes of resuscitation she started breathing again. She had a rough start: her kidneys and liver were not functioning, her brain was swollen and she had seizures. But with Gods help she made it through and was sent home only 4 days after she was born and to this day, she's developing normally and seems to be completely enjoying the life she has been given.

Victoria Grace | Barbara Bellas

Barbara had a normal pregnancy with no symptoms.  She's had a low lying placenta that corrected itself.  After a minor car accident at about 30 weeks something told her to request another ultrasound and her vasa previa was diagnosed at that time.  She went on modified bed rest and began to get weekly sonograms and stress tests.  Victoria was born at 36 weeks and got her name from her victory over this otherwise heartbreaking condition.

Kade - Myra le Blanc

At 28 weeks Myra started bleeding profoundly. She rushed into the hospital already having contractions. At the hospital they managed to stop the contractions and the vasa previa was discovered. She was then hospitalized for six weeks. At 33 weeks and 6 days Kade was born by C-section. He was put on a ventilator and stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit for 6 days, and then released to come home. Today he is a completely healthy boy.

Ashtyn - Vanessa Blythe

Vanessa went to the hospital at 41,5 weeks pregnancy because she hadn't dilated. The OB gave her a cervadil tablet on my cervix to help her dilate. When he broke her water and pushed her stomach to help the water get out the nigaspxare began, her daughter Ashtyn lost 80% of her blood, because of vasa previa. After an emergency C-section the little girl was born without breathing. She was resuscitated and got a blood transfusion, which saved her life. After a scary period of time Ashtyn now is a healthy two year old who is absolutely normal.

Sterling - Melonie Bolling

Melonie was induced at 41 weeks when her water was artificially broken. Because of the blood loss and the disappearing of the heartbeat the doctors performed an emergency C-section. Sterling was born lifeless. After a blood transfusion and one-and-a-half hours of CPR, she started breathing. They took her home after 11 days in the hospital. She is a completely healthy and energetic girl now.

Benet Ward - Marty Bradt  

This lucky little miracle baby survived undiagnosed vasa previa, after enduring a rupture during Thanksgiving dinner.  He is one of the very few babies to survive a rupture at home.

Ava James Elizabeth - Julia and Andrew Britten

Julia had a feeling that something was wrong throughout her pregnancy even though her care providers insisted everything was fine. The plan was to wait for her water to break at which time she would deliver via c-section. Following her c-section she was diagnosed with vasa previa, luckily Ava James Elizabeth was born safe and sound.

Gosse ^i^ - Jolanda Brons

Jolanda had a picture perfect pregnancy. An ultrasound at 35 weeks showed a healthy little boy. At 38,5 weeks she lost her mucus plug and went to sleep. The morning afterwards she started bleeding a lot. She was rushed to the hospital where the OB performed a C-section. Jolanda's membranes were covered with veins, the doctors told them it was a severe case of vasa previa. Gosse was born with no heartbeat but was resuscitated. His organs started to fail though and the next day they had to let him go. He died in their arms very quietly.

Maryn Asheigh ~ Catherine Caceres  

Concerned about delivering the twins she was carrying in a hospital without a NICU, Catherine switched doctors.  Still, after months of bleeding, ultrasounds, and medications for preterm labor, Maryn's vasa previa was not diagnosed until after birth. 

Caleb William ~ Lisa Chase  

When Lisa's water had broken everything seem to be normal. Thankfully a vigilant nurse had noticed what initially seemed like a prolapsed cord but turned out to be undiagnosed vasa previa. Caleb was born shortly afterwards at 32 weeks and 5 days via emergency c-section. Despite some initial complications he is doing well at keeping his parents busy keeping him out of trouble.

Sydney Mikaylah ^i^ - Shannon and Erik Cobb  

Shannon had a perfect pregnancy until her water broke.  By the time she got to the hospital Sydney was gone.  Shannon was induced and gave birth to her baby girl 16 hours later.  There was no noise in the delivery room of a baby crying or a family rejoicing like there should have been, just silence.  Undiagnosed velamentous cord insertion and vasa previa had robbed another family.

Patrick - Leeanne Crisante  

Leeanne's first problem with vasa previa occurred when her son Patrick was born. She thought she was having a perfect pregnancy.  Everything went wrong when she was two weeks overdue and they decided to induce with hormone jell and her water broke. This is only part of what happened.  Read her story to get an idea what happened during her son's delivery.

Kyrsten Brooke   ^i^  - Sandy and Randy Cunningham  

Sandy had a perfectly uneventful pregnancy.  Until she reached 35 weeks and her undiagnosed vasa previa ruptured.  Kyrsten still had a heartbeat when Sandy arrived at the hospital.  Her heartbeat stopped while they were doing an ultrasound and Sandy was rushed into surgery.  Kyrsten was born still.  Velamentous cord insertion was noted at delivery.  The hardest thing Sandy and Randy ever had to do  was plan their daughter's funeral.

Thomas   ^i^   - Kristy Day  

Thomas had undiagnosed velamentous cord insertion which took his life.  He sadly passed away 2 days before he was delivered.  He will always be loved and forever missed.

Lyla Grace - Gina Diabate  

Lyla was born on October 25, 2005 at 2:28 PM.  She weighed in at 6 pounds and was 19 and 3/4 inches long.  Her mother, Gina, was fortunate in that she was prenatally diagnosed and after several second opinions was hospitalized and delivered at 35 weeks.  Here is her amazing story.

Julia Elisabeth ^i^ - Marlou van Dijck

Marlou's water had been broken for 31 hours when she was to be induced in the hospital, because there were no contractions. When the doctor brought in an internal pressure catheter, to measure the intensity of the contractions, a gulf of blood came out of her vagina. 15 Minutes later the operation room was ready so they did an emergency C-section. Julia was born lifeless and the 17 minutes of resuscitation were not successful. She never lived outside Marlou's belly.

Alyssa Lee - Sheryl and Richard DiMaria

Alyssa Lee was diagnosed prenatally at 18 weeks by a level 2 ultrasound and delivered via a scheduled c-section at 36 weeks. Her parents are very thankful to have Alyssa Lee with them.

John Patrick Stewart - Tim and Kristy Edwards  

Jack was diagnosed prenatally and was delivered at the very early age of 32 weeks due to preterm labor.  His parents feel extremely fortunate to have been diagnosed.

Sophia ^i^  - Beth and Teymour Farman-Farmaian 

Beth had what appeared to be a perfectly normal pregnancy. At first she had a low lying placenta but it grew upwards, away from the cervix. The doctors did not seem to worried and did not examine it for VP. Her water broke on December 1, 2002 at 4:30 am. We saw the "bloody show" and the doctors told us to come in. We arrived at 6:05am, and our baby was diagnosed with a low heart rate at 6:12am. She was delivered via C section at 6:31am, not breathing. She was revived and died at 9:30 am on December 3, in her mother's arms.

Lillie Rose - Darcie Frederick  

Lillie Rose Frederick was born on June 2, 2005.  She weighed in at 5 lbs., 7 oz at birth. She was 18 inches long.  Darcie was being induced when her vasa previa ruptured.  She was undiagnosed.  Things went terribly wrong right away.  Lillie was born by emergency C-section and wasn't expected to live.  Here is her amazing story.

James Edward ^i^ - Jo Gadd

Jo had 3 unexplained bleedings during her 41 weeks of pregnancy. She was in the hospital to be induced when the midwife felt something like blood vessels. The registrar did not feel them though and said it was fine to induce. After 3 hours of waiting for the contractions to start, Jo felt fluid gushing out of her which appeared to be blood. An emergency C-section was performed and James Edward was born with only a faint heartbeat. He was resuscitated but his organs did not function as they should, he was thought to have suffered brain damage and there were internal bleedings. His parents did not want him to suffer anymore and they switched off life support. Wrapped in a blanket they took him outside and said goodbye to him in the sunshine.

Ella ^i^ - Kara Giammarino

Kara had a dream 3-1/2 hour labor and delivery with Ella.  They were elated when the OBGYN said that it was a girl.  Then their worst nigaspxare began.  Ella wasn’t crying and looked very pale.  The OBGYN said that she was a little pale but would be fine.  The nurses took Ella to the nursery.  Kara's husband knew right away that something was wrong.  Ella was very anemic and needed a transfusion.  Later the neonatologist told them that it didn’t look like Ella was going to make it and that they should say goodbye.  Kara and her husband held their daughter for a long time and told her how much they loved her.  Their hearts break for her everyday and they'll never understand how this healthy, beautiful little girl could be taken from them.

Sophie Isabelle ^i^ - Victoria Goldstein

Victoria had a marginal placenta previa which disappeared during her pregnancy. She had asked for a color Doppler but the doctor refused. Two days before her due date she lost 300cc of blood and went to the hospital, she was sent home. On her due date she started bleeding profusely and when she got to the hospital the nurse could not find a heartbeat. Victoria was induced and Sophie Isabelle was born still, probably because of vasa previa.

Maya Shefali - Suma and Vikram Gopal  

Maya Shefali Gopal was born on April 3, 2003 at 12:48AM.  She was blue.  Her APGARs were 3 and 5.  Things did not look good.  She lost a significant amount of blood due to a rare condition called vasa previa.  After many tears, prayers, and emotion, Maya was discharged 16 days later.  Thankfully by the grace of God, Maya is a healthy, intelligent, normal little girl.

Noah - Meri Grogan

Its often said that awareness is everything when it comes to vasa previa.  Still, advocating for yourself is scary!  But Meri did it and now little Noah is home safe and sound.  This is a story of the value of prenatal diagnosis.

Szymon Grzegorz - Samanta Haduch  

Doctors here in Poland are checking for vasa previa and any other pathology so that Polish women can feel safe. USG is usually done 3-4 times even when everything is ok.  The doctor who diagnosed my vasa previa told me about the International Vasa Previa Foundation (IVPF). I hope you read more stories like mine - with a happy ending.

Connor James ^i^ - Jeremy and Mandy Hall

Amanda had a picture perfect pregnancy. After having contractions for some time the doctor decided to break her water. Even though large quantities of blood were present the doctor insisted that she proceed with a vaginal delivery. Connor James was born with a weak pulse and not enough blood in him to start a transfusion. He passed away an hour later.

John Robert ^i^ - John and Dawn Haley

John and Dawn were in a restaurant when she discovered she was bleeding profoundly. They hurried to the hospital. The baby's heart rate was high, so the doctors thought all was well. They wasted 20 minutes before they decided to do an emergency C-section. John Robert was born white, without blood. After 25 minutes of resuscitation they brought him back. The damage to his internal organs was too severe however - he passed away 2 days later as organ after organ began to seize or create problems for other organs.

Nathan - Kristin Hardy

Right from the beginning, once Krstin found out she was pregnant with Nathan she had a horrible feeling that something was wrong. Her intuition was confirmed at the 21 week ultrasound when she was diagnosed with a succenturiate lobe and partial Placenta Previa. Even though she was hospitalized from 32 weeks she had to fight to stay there. Nathan was born via a scheduled c-section at 35 weeks and 5 days. He spent 9 days in NICU and is now a happy, healthy little boy.

Cheyenne - Dana Henson  

Dana's midwife found out she had VP when she was at the hospital in labor and had 8 cm dilation. They did an immediate C-section and Cheyenne was born. She had to be in the NICU for a week and is now very healthy.

Kayla ^i^ - Melissa and Ronald Hetrick  

Ultrasounds had shown a perfectly healthy baby.  On November 7, 2003 Melissa was in labor when her vasa previa ruptured.  Kayla was resuscitated.  Four days later she died as a result of undiagnosed vasa previa.

Emma - Minnie and Chris Hylton

Minnie ruptured at home and rushed to the hospital immediately where doctors were barely able to save Emma.  Emma has suffered brain damage, but that is the least of Minnie's worries.  Right now they just want to bring Emma home from the hospital.

Parker Layne - James and Sarah Johnson

To everyone's surprise Sarah had velamentous cord insertion that was undiagnosed until after Parker was born.  This was a moment Sarah will never forget.

Will - Deloris Johnson

Deloris had several ultrasounds to check on her baby during her pregnancy. She was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure. While being induced at 39 weeks and 4 days, she followed her instincts: since her baby's heartbeat was dropping at each contraction she had the nurse call the doctor. After an emergency C-section because of fetal distress, her son Will was born healthy. The doctor told her that her son's cord was only 8 inches and there was a velamentous cord insertion. If her water would have broken her son would probably not be here today.

Jesse ^i^ - Laura Keeping

Laura was diagnosed with Placenta Previa at 16 weeks but at 30 weeks the placenta had cleared the cervix. At 41 weeks she thought her water broke but there was only blood. 15 Minutes later they arrived at the hospital and an emergency C-section was done. Jesse was born still.  They tried to get blood into Jesse's veins but they had all collapsed and they could not get the IV in.

Harrison - Angela and Jon Kelley

Angela had an uneventful pregnancy. When the Dr. broke Angela's water she started to bleed. Harrison was delivered via an emergency c-section and after some time in NICU was introduced to his mother. He is a thriving young boy with no medical problems.

Charlotte ^i^ - Meredith and Stephen Kirby

Meredith was 41 weeks pregnant when one day blood was gushing out. She was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. The baby's heartbeat could no be found. Meredith was induced and delivered Charlotte vaginally. After the placenta was born the midwifes conclusion was confirmed. Charlotte had died because of vasa previa.

Sean Charles - Ben and Lesley Koth

A vasa previa birth the way it should happen!  Lucky little Sean was prenatally diagnosed with vasa previa and his mother was hospitalized at 30 weeks.  Sean was born at 34 weeks by C-section and is happy and healthy today.

Katarina ^i^ - Mike and Amanda Krznaric  

Mike and Amanda lost their precious daughter Katarina to undiagnosed vasa previa in July 2006.  They were shocked to discover afterwards the total lack of awareness about this condition in the medical community.  They will never stop missing their angel.

Julian Nepomuk Kroft Nilsson ^i^ - Jennifer Kroftova and Sonja Nilsson  

After a picture perfect pregnancy Julian was born via emergency c-section without heartbeat and immense loss of blood. He was resuscitated, in the 9th minute his heartbeat came back. 10 weeks hospital and 10 weeks at home, that was all the time Jennifer and Sonja could spent with their little prince.

Cole Robert MacKay - Rachel Knapp

Rachel was initially diagnosed with vasa previa at 27 weeks. Cole was born at 35 weeks via scheduled c-section. He strated out on an IV and a breathing machine and fought his way through feeding a breathing issues. Cole is now doing well. His parents are greatful for their vasa previa diagnosis and their miracle baby.

Taylor Katharine - Dave and Karen Kunka

During her second pregnancy Karen was diagnosed with vasa previa at her 20wk ultrasound. Information shared on this website and through the email support group gave her the confidence and knowledge to ask questions as needed and to do whatever was needed to bring their little girl in to the world safely.

Sarah Alice - Ilona Kuss

Ilona was talked into a C-section by her OB purely on the basis of her age.  Sarah was a miracle baby in more ways than one.  Guess what they found!

Khalil Londell  ^i^ - Demetris and Antonio Leach  

Khalil was born still after a relatively uneventful pregnancy.  His mother had placenta previa during the pregnancy, but it moved up out of the way allowing for a vaginal birth.  If only this important risk factor had been followed up with transvaginal color Doppler ultrasound Khalil would be here today.  Instead, Kahlil's vasa previa ruptured at home more than a week before his due date.  There was no heartbeat when Demetris and Antonio arrived at the hospital.

Luca - Suzy LeCarpentier

Suzy found out she had placenta previa at 20 weeks and started to have some show at 6 months. She was subsequently hospitalized for the duration of her pregnancy but was about to be released 4 weeks later following a normal scan showing the placenta previa had remodeled higher up. As she was filling out the release paperwork her care provider called her back just to "double check" something and in the process diagnosed her vasa previa. Her son Luca was born by cesarean section and is doing well.

Chase Michael - Kristen and James Lewis  

Kristen was looking forward to a normal delivery.  What she got was anything but normal.  Undiagnosed vasa previa very nearly took Chase's life right then and there.  Their doctors were amazed he lived saying that God must have something special in store for their baby boy because it was such a miracle that he lived through his delivery.

Anthony - Rosie Long  

As with so many cases of vasa previa, Anthony's was not diagnosed until after his birth.  He had a very rough start and has many challenges ahead.  It is a miracle he survived at all!

Mark ^i^ - Nelly Malek  

Mark’s expected due date was July 7th, 2005. Nelly’s pregnancy was uneventful however on Jul y 5th things turned for the worst. Nelly experienced bleeding overnight. Paramedics were called and Nelly was taken to the hospital. Nelly was told that she would have a long labor a head of her and encouraged to walk around. Next time she was connected to the monitor Mark’s heart rate was low. Nelly was rushed in for a c-section. Mark had lost a lot of blood and went into cardiac arrest. Machine’s where keeping Mark alive and if he lived he would have brain damage. Mark was taken off life support and passed away in Nelly’s arms. Vasa Previa was the diagnosis for Mark’s death.

Keira Aine - Lydia and Kevin McEvoy

Lydia's vasa previa was diagnosed at 24 weeks, after a low-lying placenta was noted at 20 week ultrasound.  She was transferred to a high risk OB and steroid injections were given at 25 weeks and bed rest prescribed. She followed a modified activity/bed rest schedule until 34 weeks, with bi-weekly Doppler ultrasound scans. Keira was born at 34 weeks, 1 day weighing 5 lbs 13 oz at 34 weeks 3 days.  She had very few "preemie" problems and is very happy and healthy now.

Ashleigh ^i^ - Lori McLaughlin

After a perfect pregnancy Lori thought her water broke, but her legs were covered with blood. On the way to the hospital she did not feel any movement, but thought her baby could be saved. The doctor could not find a heartbeat. A sonogram confirmed that their baby had died. Ashleigh Jordan was delivered by C-section.

K.C. May ^i^ - Ronda Martin

Ronda was in the hospital when she was induced, 5 days before her due date. At the toilet she noticed a large amount of blood but the doctors did not even check the amount. When her water broke and blood came out together with blood cloths the doctor performed an emergency C-section. Within 6 minutes K.C. was born lifeless. They resuscitated her and she was brought back to life, but she never opened her eyes. 2 Days later her body died too... 

Kaylee Marjorie - Erin Mathy  

Kaylee was born 12-08-2003 at 37 weeks.  Her mother had been admitted to the hospital to have labor induced because of pregnancy induced hypertension.  Suddenly she was being rushed into surgery.  After 3 weeks in the NICU Erin came home and is now healthy and happy.

Elizabeth Violet Beck - Tiffany McCunn

At 36 weeks and 2 days gestation Tiffany awoke to find herself bleeding. Her husband quickly called 911. Thanks to some quick thinking paramedics Tiffany was taken to a hospital with a level 3 NICU unit where Elizabeth was born having suffered 40% blood loss. She was fighting against the odds during her first few days. After 7 days she came home and is now a thriving baby.

Maggie Louise - Jamie and Michael McMullan  

There are so many what if's!  Maggie survived undiagnosed vasa previa that ruptured when Jamie was being induced.  Due to the awareness and instant action of their midwife and the rest of the medical staff, lucky Maggie survived.

Emily - Nicola Meredith

Nicola had an uneventful pregnancy, till 38 weeks, when she experienced large blood loss with a clot the size of an egg. In the hospital they examined her and was sent home again. After another blood loss she was admitted again. The Registrar wanted to break her membranes to start labour. Luckily Nicola decided that she did not want that. The next day she was examined again followed by an emergency C-section, because the consultant Gynaecologist had felt a rough cervix. The diagnosis vasa previa was set afterwards, when the placenta was examined. Luckily Emily did not suffer any blood loss and is a healthy little three year old now.

Rebekah - Marya Mesa

Marya was diagnosed with Vasa Previa at the beginning of her 3rd trimester. She was hospitalized for two weeks before delivering her baby. She had an amniocentesis at 36 weeks to check on the baby's lung functionality. Rebekah was born at 37 weeks after a scheduled C-section. Because of breathing problems she stayed in NICU for 2 weeks. She is a bit behind on her development but she is doing fine.

Julia Jordan Mariella - Mike and Cindy Mesaros

Julia was born on May 11, 2007 by emergency C-section after her undiagnosed vasa previa ruptured while Cindy was being induced.  Julia required a blood transfusion, a few days in the NICU and is now home and a very happy, healthy baby.

Alton Sinclair (Ziggy) ^i^ - Christie Michie  

Christie had an uneventful pregnancy.  Until her vasa previa ruptured.  Ziggy was resuscitated but died less than a day later - in his parents arms.

Julia and Catherine ^i^ ^i^ - Angela and Phil Millard

Angela was finally admitted at 37 weeks and 6 days to be induced as she had protein in her water and raised blood pressure. She was given an internal gel to soften her cervix , but after two days of gel they decided they could break her waters. After some unsuccessful attempts the doctor broke her water and attached a scalp monitor to Catherine's head. She was then hooked up to a drip, to speed her contractions up, and had an epidural sited. Once the epidural was in place they could not locate Catherine's heart trace. Angela was bleeding bright red blood. An ultrasound machine confirmed that both of the babies were death. They were delivered vaginally. They diagnosed vasa previa after the placenta was born.

Alfonso Giovanni Charles  ^i^ - Laura and Marcello Mongiovi  

Like so many other vasa previa mums, Laura had a perfect pregnancy. She and her husband were overjoyed when they discovered she was pregnant. She knew she was pregnant even before she saw the positive test result.  They were both so delighted they cried. They had been married for only 3 months. None of Alfonso's family ever saw him alive.  He was born by emergency C-section and lived only 22 minutes. Laura finds it terribly difficult to take in the fact he is not here when she carried him for 9 months with no symptoms or warning signs at all. She and her husband feel robbed, hurt, and confused.  They plan to have more children; but Alfie, as Laura's Dad had already started to call him before he was born, will never be replaced. Ever.

 Jan Rudolph - Margot Morshuis  (in Dutch)

Margot had a bleeding at 7 and 13 weeks gestation, but the babies heart was still beating. An ultrasound at 22 and 36 weeks showed no problems. On her due date Margot went to the hospital and during an examination her midwife felt a knot on the membranes. She artificially broke the membranes far away from the knot and Margot's miracle son was born safely. The vasa previa was discovered after the placenta was born.

Claire Elizabeth - Susan Mulligan  

Susan was diagnosed with vasa previa by Dr. Harris Finberg at 17 weeks gestation. At 24 weeks, she was admitted to a local hospital for the duration of her pregnancy. She received steroids at 26 and 32 weeks gestation. At 34 weeks gestation, she had an amniocentesis to test for fetal lung maturity. The results were positive so Claire was delivered by C-section two hours after they got the results. She came home 11 days later and is developing very well ever since.

McNeill - Jacqueline Mullikin

Jacqueline was in the hospital to be induced. The doctor examined her and broke her water, after which she lost a huge amount of blood. An emergency C-section was performed and McNeill's blood was completely transfused. For 3 days the doctors were unable to say if he would make it but he did! After 2 and a halve weeks of NICU he was released from the hospital. Jacqueline's miracle son is developing completely normal ever since.

Colton - Jennifer Munson

Colton Ryan was born weighing in at a healthy 6 lbs. 14 oz. on June 18th, 2004 after 6 long weeks in the hospital due to having prenatally diagnosed vasa previa.  But, because she was prenatally diagnosed, Colton is one of those rare vasa previa miracles.

Jakob Daniel  ^i^ - Kristie Narango

Kristie had a very difficult pregnancy with bleeding in the first trimester and hospital admittance because of dehydration. When she was 38 weeks pregnant she felt no more movement and went to the hospital. Jakob was no longer alive. Kristie was induced and Jakob Daniel Narango was born still. He had died when he dropped into the pelvis; the pressure of his head cut off his lifeline.

Miles Preston - Chris and Tiffany Naylor  

Tiffany was diagnosed with placenta previa at 20 weeks. At 33 weeks she woke up to find a lot of blood and rushed to the hospital. After several bleeding episodes and 5 days they performed a Color Doppler and found out the vasa previa. An emergency C-section was performed and Miles Preston was born at 34 weeks and 2 days. He had some problems and stayed in NICU for two weeks but he's home with Chris and Tiffany now and they're all fine and very happy together!

Jemma Alice  ^i^  - Meagan and Michael Newstead  

Meagan had an uneventful pregnancy, up until the very end that is.  She was being induced when her water broke and Jemma died.  Even though Jemma was born 10 minutes later it was too late.  Her parents are devastated.

Lily - Janine and David O'Brien  

Janine was prenatally diagnosed and hospitalized after some bleeding at at 30 weeks.  Lily was anemic at birth which took place 4 weeks later, but today is doing very well.  Her parents are grateful for the expert care they received.

Kyle ^i^ - Colleen O'Gara

Colleen had some spotting around 14 weeks and an ultrasound showed an accessory lobe, but a few weeks later it wasn't visible anymore. At 28 weeks she had a heavy bleeding and went to the hospital where they managed to stop the contractions and kept a close eye on the baby's heartbeat. At 36 weeks Colleen thought her water broke but there was only blood. They rushed into the hospital where they performed an emergency C-section. The doctors managed to bring Kyle back to life but he was 99% brain dead. Colleen and her husband decided to let him go in peace the same day.

^i^ - Eus and Amenze Otte

Amenze was 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant when her water broke. Eus and Amenze went to the hospital for a checkup but were sent home again because there were no contractions yet. All appeared fine. That night Amenze went to the bathroom and discovered a huge amount of blood. An ambulance transported them to the hospital where they could not find a heartbeat. A few hours later Eru was born naturally. They found out about the vasa previa afterwards.

Emilia Rose Antonia - Lisa and Antony Paine  

Emilia was born safely, as a direct consequence of prenatal diagnosis of vasa previa at the 20-week ultrasound scan. At 24 weeks, Lisa suffered a fairly serious bleed and was admitted to hospital. Luckily the bleeding stopped but Lisa was advised to stay in hospital for the rest of the pregnancy. The weeks passed by and, although they worried at times, they managed to stay calm and we had no further problems. Emilia was delivered safely by C-section at 38 weeks, thanks to prenatal diagnosis and a successfully managed pregnancy.

Nathan Elliot ^i^ - Cindy Paris

After an uneventful, full term pregnancy Cindy woke up thinking there was something wrong.  She reached out and found her hand covered with blood. At the hospital they saw her baby's heartbeat dropping and then disappearing. An emergency C-section was performed. Nathan was aggressively revived but was extremely ill. He was transferred to a children's´ hospital. His condition was very bad and all of his organs were shutting down.  They took him off life support and he died in his mother's arms.

Carlyne Rachel - Bob and Debi Pederson

Debi had a bleeding at 8 weeks and the doctors discovered an extra lobe on the placenta, but nothing to worry about. At 36 ½ weeks she discovered a large amount of blood. 12 Days later she started bleeding again. At the hospital, she thought her water broke but it was blood. Her nurse couldn't find a heartbeat. After an emergency C-section and 15 minutes of resuscitation Carlyne started breathing again. She stayed in NICU for 2 weeks and is now developing as a normal child.

Jeanne Rose - Karen Peters  

Karen was diagnosed with a bilobed placenta and vasa previa at 24 weeks. She repeatedly visited the hospital because she had contractions from 24 till 32 weeks. The doctors were able to stop them but the contractions kept coming back. Finally, at 32 weeks she was admitted and that really was a good thing! At 33,5 weeks Karen's water broke and she started to bleed profusely. A C-section was performed immediately and Jeanne Rose was born healthy. Apparently the placenta had sunk downwards and had safely covered Jeanne's veins. Karen seemed to have lost 1000 ml of blood. If it had been Jeanne's she would never have lived to tell.

Anden - Terri Phillips

It was Terri's 5th pregnancy.  She and her Jason had had three children (two surviving) and a miscarriage.  Then Terri was diagnosed with vasa previa.  She spent the remaining weeks of her pregnancy fighting to save her son's life and trying desperately to believe that God would not take another child from her.

Jaci - Marc and Ginger Philpot

Ginger was diagnosed with a low lying placenta and a bi-lobed placenta. She was in the hospital being induced when the OB artificially broke her water. The baby lost 80% of her blood and was delivered 13 minutes later via C-section. Luckily Jaci could be revived and after 6 days in the hospital she could go home with her proud parents.

Ethan Mitchell - Wendy and Adam Portnoff

By chance Wendy recieved a sonogram at 38 ½ weeks after which her care providers suggested she be induced. Complications developed after rupture of membranes and little Ethan was born shortly after via emergency c-section. Ethan, a fighter from the very beginning, is now a beautiful healthy boy ready to "conquer the world, his way"

Peyton  ^i^ - Kara and Nick Ragsdale  

Kara had a complicated pregnancy with a lot of worries.  Even getting pregnant had to be assisted with drugs.  After several ultrasounds she was diagnosed with vasa previa at 16 weeks by her obstetrician.  The next week she went to a specialist for another ultrasound to follow-up but the specialist could not see the vasa previa and told Kara she didn't have it.  But Kara DID have vasa previa.  Being once again undiagnosed, Peyton ruptured and died.

Lauren Emilee - Christi Rees  

After one year of trying, Christi's doctor put her on Clomid.  She conceived right away.  The pregnancy was originally a twin pregnancy, but Christi lost one of the babies to miscarriage at 6 weeks.  She was diagnosed with velamentous cord insertion and vasa previa at 16 weeks.  Support and information from the IVPF helped Christi and her doctor form a successful management plan.  Christi delivered Lauren by scheduled C-section at 35 weeks after spending 3 weeks in the hospital.  Lauren is perfectly healthy.  Her parents feel so fortunate that Christi was prenatally diagnosed.  Lauren is truly their little miracle!

Harper Maria - Julianna and John Rhodes

Julianna had an uneventful pregnancy.  Up until her vasa previa ruptured.  Harper required aggressive rescusitation efforts and numerous blood transfusions to survive.  But survive she did.  Thank goodness Julianna was already in hospital when she ruptured.

Matthew Thomas - Jenni and Dave Rowe

A real miracle!  Jenni was prenatally diagnosed with vasa previa at 36 weeks but her consultants decided to send her home, scheduling a C-section for the next week.  Jenni ruptured 2 days later.  Miraculously Matthew survived the trip to the hospital and is growing up healthy and happy.

Isabella Marie Russo - Tara Herbert

Tara was lucky enough to be prenatally diagnosed with vasa previa.  Still, her doctors didn't know much about it and Tara had to research the information herself.  Thankfully, the IVPF had already done a grand rounds on vasa previa at the hospital where she was to be hospitalized and delivered.  Packets of IVPF information floated around the hospital during Tara's stay and her case was of great interest to the staff.  Isabella was born without any complications.

Kayla Arianna - Lacy and Fernando Rozo  

Lacy had an uneventful pregnancy up until her undiagnosed vasa previa ruptured.  Kayla's family was told to say their goodbyes but she surprised them all.  She's had a hard life full of surgery after surgery, medications, and endless therapy, but she is well loved and cherished.

Jack James ^i^ - Trevor and Rebecca Rough

Rebecca had an uneventful pregnancy. One evening she began experience progressively worsening pains (not contractions) and as she got up to go to the hospital her water broke with large quantities of blood mixed in. By the time they reached the hospital and delivered Jack via an emergency c-section it was too late. Jack is dearly missed.

Max ^i^ - Aimee and Billy Rye

In her 36th week of pregnancy, Aimee woke up from a nap and noticed she was hemorrhaging, because of what later seemed to be vasa previa. Her husband rushed her into the hospital and after hearing a faint heartbeat the doctors performed an emergency C-section. Max was born without a heartbeat but was resuscitated and it seemed to Aimee that everything would be all right. But the neurologist told her and her husband that Max had severe brain damage.  So severe, that he would never know us, know our love for him and would never be able to breath on his own. Aimee and Billy made the hardest decision in their lives. After 9 hours in his parent's arms and after meeting the rest of the family, Max went in peace.

Henry Cameron ^i^  - Daren and Natalie Samat  

Daren and Natalie longed for a baby for a long time. They underwent various fertility treatments over a period of 4 years. Eventually they tried in-vitro fertilization treatment.  The were successful on the first try!  Though Natalie had risk factors for it, undiagnosed vasa praevia robbed them of their beautiful baby boy, their first child.  They will never be the same again. They miss him desperately and wish that one of the medical staff treating us had had the foresight to scan her for this condition.

Aneisha - Cherie Schramm

Aneisha was diagnosed prenatally at 15 weeks and was delivered via an unscheduled c-section at 36 weeks. Aneisha initially needed some oxygen but recovered well and is now a beautiful baby girl like any other.

Allison Marie ^i^  - John and Kristy Schryver

Kristy had a uneventful pregnancy. In the ninth month she woke up one morning to a gushing sensation. It turned out to be blood that eventually slowed to a spotting by the time they arrived at the hospital. Kristy had undiagnosed vasa previa but was sent home after some observation. By the time they would arrive back at the hospital again it was too late. Even though she never breathed a breath of air in this world Allison has made a difference in the lives of many people.

Tyler - Tonya and Brian Smith  

Tyler was one of those undiagnosed rare survivors of vasa previa.  The first child of Tonya and Brian Smith, he had to be resuscitated for 15 minutes. It took 45 minutes to stabilize him and he had seizures among other desperate problems.  His family prepared for the worst. Miraculously today this little guy is happy and healthy.

Myriam Eleonorec - SueSie

SueSie had a tragic history of pregnancy loss that included s Syndrome.  In February 2002 she was pregnant again.  Unfortunately she also had vasa previa.  SueSie was told to go back to the hospital at 36 weeks for delivery.  Instead she went home and researched vasa previa.  After contacting the IVPF, SueSie went back to the hospital and insisted on hospitalization.  Thank goodness she did!  Myriam was born by emergency C-section at 34 weeks.  Today she is healthy and happy.

Sophia Maria - Thomas and Marie Spagnuolo  

After two weeks in the hospital Thomas and Marie's miracle baby finally came home.  Sophia had undiagnosed velamentous cord insertion.  Her twin sister Gabriella didn't.  Sophia had a rocky start.  Today she is doing everything just like her sister. Her family thanks God for her everyday and couldn't imagine our life without her.

Grant Spencer - Linda and Jeff Smithson  

Linda was diagnosed with vasa previa at 28 weeks by transvaginal color Doppler ultrasound.  Grant was born 3 weeks later weighing 4 pounds, 2 ounces.  He spent 6 weeks in the hospital before coming home.

Tilo   ^i^ - Kate and Holger Spill  

The evening it all started Kate had had a bath and gone to bed early. She woke up feeling a little strange and suddenly a huge amount of blood gushed all over the bed. She thought her waters had broken and didn't understand why there was so much blood. No-one had said there would be blood........ They called an ambulance, went to hospital and she had a Caesarean within the hour. Far too late for Tilo. He was aggressively resuscitated for 15 minutes before they got a heart beat.  Kate and Holger had 38 hours with their little darling Tilo before he died peacefully in their arms.

Cody Robert   ^i^ - Teresa Spurgeon

Cody was their 4th child.  They were so excited.  Teresa's water broke, sending her to the hospital.  The nurses called in her doctor as they could not place the fetal monitor on Cody's head as something appeared to be in the way.  The doctor came in to do it and ruptured the vasa previa in the process.  Not being diagnosed, they didn't know it was there.  An emergency C-section was performed, but it was all sadly too late for Cody.  He never took a breath.

Jake Matthew   ^i^ - Scott and Jenna Steckler

Jake was Jenna's first baby and in-vitro.  He suffered severe brain damage as a result of an undiagnosed velamentous cord insertion rupture.  He survived for three weeks.  His parents were told vasa previa is a fluke, and that even if they'd known about it, nothing could have been done to save him.  This is their story about bringing Jake into the world and of letting him go.  His parents miss him very much. 

Jessica Mae  ^i^ - Emma Stewart

Emma was  8 months pregnant when she had a big bleed at home. At the hospital she lost a large amount of placenta. 3 Hours after the first blood loss Jessica was born, by emergency C-section. Jessica was resuscitated and lived, although her organs were failing due to lack of oxygen during delivery. She lived for 8 days but her condition got worse. They took her off life-support and she died in the arms of her daddy.

Jakob was born via emergency c-section due to a rupture of an undiagnosed vasa previa and velamentous cord insertion. He fought hard for his life for the next few days and passed away in his mothers arms.

Tyra Dove Helen Lambert-Tiboni - Melissa Tiboni

Melissa was prenatally diagnosed and in hospital when her vasa previa ruptured, saving Tyra's life.

Santiago Villa Tonatiuh - Laura Herrera and Eddie Cervantes

Lucky little Santiago survived undiagnosed vasa previa.  Thank goodness Laura was in hospital being induced when she ruptured.  Quick action saved this little boy's life.

Kate was prenataly diagnosed with vasa previa at 19 weeks. At 30 weeks she checked into the local hospital. Pine Wade was born via scheduled C-section on November 23, 2009. A week later he is making good progress in the NICU as his parents anxiously wait to taking him home.

Andrew - Karen and Tom Waldkirch  

Andrew was born at full term on November 18th, 1986 by crash C-section.  He was an unlucky victim of the odds.  He had undiagnosed vasa previa and has been profoundly disabled from birth.  Andrew’s birth was both the most tragic and beautiful thing that has ever happened in their lives.

Sarah - Meagan and Scott Watson

Meagan was prenatally diagnosed with vasa previa when she was 20 weeks pregnant.  She spent 10 weeks in the hospital and Sarah still arrived unexpectedly at 34 weeks.  Sarah is healthy and happy today because of that precious diagnosis.

Kirstie - Carol Walker

It appeard Carol's would be a normal delivery. Things quickly changed as Kirstie's heart beat rapidly dropped. She was born by emergency c-section and despite almost a month away from her mother while in NICU and serious complications Kirstie defied the odds. Over the past 18 years she has worked hard to overcome many difficulties related to Carol's undiagnosed vasa previa and is now about to graduate high school.

Jacob ^i^ -  Kathy Wendt

Kathy's doctor had said that she had a "picture perfect pregnancy."  At 40 weeks, her water broke at home.  When she went to the bathroom, she realized that it was blood.  She called EMS, but when they arrived, they did not treat it as an emergency.  When she got to the hospital, the baby had a heart rate of 40 beats per minute.  She had an emergency C-section.  Jacob was born basically brain dead. Three days later, when his organs began failing, they took him off life support and he passed away 10 minutes later.

William Charles - Gina Wilson

Gina was originally diagnosed with placenta previa at 19 weeks. By chance on one of the followup ultrasounds she was seen by a Perinatologist who had noticed vasa previa, something missed on the other ultrasounds. Thanks to this diagnosis William Charles was born via scheduled C-section at 35 weeks.

Tyler Anthony - Rhonda and Brian Wolters  

Rhonda's vasa previa was not discovered till after delivery. During induction Tyler's heartbeat dropped severely several times. Rhonda and her husband were given the option of a C-section which they gladly accepted. Tyler was born very healthy. "God was watching over us today", the doctor said after delivery.

Lisanne ^i^ - Marleen en Michel Wubs (in Dutch)

Marleen was in the hospital, to be induced. After the doctor inserted a pressure catheter to measure contractions, bloody amniotic fluid came out. They hooked her up to a heart monitor, their baby's heartbeat was bad but they did not take any action.  Only after 1,5 hour they decided to do an emergency C-section. Lisanne was born lifeless. 

Marijn - Inge van der Wulp (in Dutch)

Inge's water broke after 35 weeks and 4 days pregnancy. Because there were no contractions during 24 hours she was induced. When she was pushing her baby Marijn out, his heartbeat dropped severely, but he came out fine. When the placenta was delivered, doctors saw the velamentous insertion and the tear in the membranes was very close to a vein. They were extremely lucky.